#Throwback Thursday Writing Challenge

writing challenge


One of my half-sisters sent me a set of family photos and these were among them.  It took me a while to realize they make a sequence.  While I do not remember them being taken, I do remember the place.   My grandmother Balcom’s (Mildred) house in Margaretville, NY, I remember visiting only twice.  Both times, my grandmother played the accordion and I danced.  (I like ballroom dancing but not the shaking all over variety espoused by The Who).  The dog, whose name I can’t remember – was it Lucky? – I loved very much and talked about all the time.  The sad thing is, the picture in the middle is the only one I have of my father and I together.

I tried to make up a story about the sequence and determined that what happened is this:

Stan Jr. wrestled with Lucky, the family’s reluctant dog, trying to force some affection from it.  Thinking it was cute, Mildred did manage a snap shot.  But meeting more resistance, Stan Jr. redoubled his efforts making more pictures impossible.  Getting impatient, Mildred said to my dad, “Stan, get the dog out of there so he’ll stand still and I can get a picture of him alone.”  So, my dad, fresh in from hunting, came over and removed the dog.

Like I said, I don’t remember the photos above being taken at all.  Making up stories to old photos is a good writing exercise that can be fun and inspirational.  If writing is your profession or hobby, I invite you to come up with a story that fits the pictures.  Comment with your version and lets have some fun.


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