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Stop acting your age and get in shape mentally and physically.  You’re never too old to start some kind of workout  or spiritual program to improve the quality of your life.  But be cautious, before starting any physical training regimen, check with your doctor.

Here are some helpful links for your efforts:

If you undertake any kind of program in order to compete, you should track your training.  There are things to consider like rest, one of the most important ingredients in getting in shape.  Make a plan that gradually increases your effort and mixes in appropriate rest.  Good places to go to get detailed information is:  Training Peaks They have a free version of their planning and tracking software that is pretty good.  If you have a Garmin device, Garmin Connect is free and has many of the features the paid version of Training Peaks has.


Swimming is my favorite exercise.  It’s also the most difficult.  Because form is almost as important to strength for success, swimming challenges the mind and body and is the one sport, besides just watching them from your couch, where you are least likely to get hurt.  My favorite site for swimming is Swim Smooth.  Using their drills, plans and techniques I reduced my 100-meter time from 3:00 to 1:55 in a year, on my own.  They have instructional DVDs and an online service that provide easy to follow instructions.  I highly recommend them.


Biking, on the other hand is my least favorite of the triathlon sports.  It’s the only sport that is nearly impossible to do outdoors in the winter or when it’s raining.  So I recommend a bike trainer stand.  They basically turn your outdoor bike into and indoor one that you can ride anytime you are free.  Go to Amazon and search for ‘bike trainer stand’ and a list will popup.  You can spend as little as $50.00 for a basic (but effective one) to as much as $1000.00 for those with built in power meters.  Also, I recommend you invest in a good bike.  You don’t have to spend thousands on a carbon framed triathlon bike but you can get a good entry level road racer for $500.00 or less.

Again, don’t just ride.  Develop a good training plan.  There are lots of books where you can get workouts to follow.  One is Workouts – In A Binder – For Indoor Cycling.  You can get a copy at Amazon. I adapt them for outdoor use too.

I also have a Spinervals DVD I use.  They are a bit expensive but the site does have a streaming service so you don’t have to have the physical discs.

You can transcribe any workout and adapt to outdoor use.


Running used to be my favorite thing but as I got older injury became common.  Mostly my calves.  Any day I ran too fast or too long, I’d get a strain in one of them.  Sidelined for 4 to 6 weeks for each, devastated my race schedule.  I learned the hard way that technique was important.  I worked on landing each stride on the front of my foot instead of my heals and exercise that strengthened my hops and core.

A good book for running workouts is Run Workouts for Runners and Triathletes by Bobby McGee (no not the subject of the song Janis Joplin made famous).  It has workouts for all levels of ability and just about all race types, from 5K to marathon and all the triathlon distances.  You can get it at Amazon too.

Spirit/Personal Growth

Getting in shape is not easy and it gets harder as you age. It takes more than a good workout plan to make it.  It takes discipline and courage.  Keep coming back to this site for blogs and links for mastering all the parts of your life.  Learn how to manage anger, develop patience and become more efficient at work.

A mentor or coach can be a great asset because they can help hold you accountable.  And, for some, accountability is important.