Let's use our experiences to make the world a better place

I've always had a strong sense of purpose.  In the 1980s I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in biology, went to Africa with the Peace Corps, stayed in Africa as a consultant, all totaling about 9 years.  On my return to the US, I worked in human services (developmental disabilities) for about 14 years then, to make money, taught myself computer programming and switched to an IT career.  While still working full-time as a programmer, I co-founded and run a nonprofit that helps returning citizens (the politically correct term for ex-felons) make the most of their second chances.  I worked at many more things and you can read my detailed professional history on LinkedIn, if you feel like it.
Here's what I believe

I believe that no one is truly lost except those who do not want to be found.

I believe that most people, from ANY race, religion, nation and even terrorists, really only want the same thing:  to be loved and to have a purpose.  It's just that some entities are able to convince others that killing, maiming, robbing, raping or abusing drugs and alcohol are ways to achieve them.  (They're not).

I believe that when a person understands what love and purpose means and, this is important, makes a serious effort to find them, true happiness happens.

I believe that as more people achieve true happiness, the world will become a better place.

Therefore, I believe it is a duty to act purposefully for good.   Disclaimer: I am neither a conservative nor a liberal.  I believe in unconditional love but I also believe that there is evil in the world and that it is sometimes necessary to  kill it.

Oh, BTW, I race triathlon.  At 63 years old, I still love to compete and the training keeps me healthy--so I can pursue my love and purpose.

Oh, BTW, I drive Uber to help support the nonprofit; 7-70 Re-entry Services, so if you're looking for a worthy cause to adopt, this is a great one.

, I believe that the Beatles are overrated.  That doesn't mean I disrespect them, or discount their contributions to human culture.  It's just that there were many other bands that were better, in my opinion.

Oh, BTW, I've never had money, mostly because I never thought it was that important until now.  Because, as a wise, old Brit once sang:  "Money can't buy me love."  But it can sure help make life a little easier for me and others who pass my way.